Alvord Brain Tumor Center

The Alvord Brain Tumor Center is a collaborative group of physicians and researchers working together to improve the treatment and outcomes of patients with brain tumors. Patients are seen at a multidisciplinary patient care and diagnostic clinic at UW Medicine.

Pediatric patients ranging from newborns to adolescents are cared for at Seattle Children’s Hospital in a similar multidisciplinary clinic to the adult population but with added resources to care for children and their families. It is the leading academic pediatric neuro-oncology program in the Northwest and includes faculty that lead national pediatric cancer consortiums for clinical trials and new ways to treat brain tumors.  The Pediatric research program includes the development of molecularly based methods for visualizing tumors during surgery and identifying novel drugs for clinical trials.

The Alvord Brain Tumor Center (ABTC) was established to unite research and clinical faculty across the Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium in work related to brain cancer. Our research programs at the Fred HutchSeattle Children’s Hospital, and UW Medicine include collaborative patient-based and basic science efforts investigating tumor and stem cell biology, modeling, nanotechnology, drug development and therapeutic response.

The ABTC bridges multi-disciplinary experts with the goal of speeding new developments in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment utilizing novel findings like precision oncology tools to lengthen survival and create cures for brain cancer patients.

The ABTC does this by fostering collaboration among 100 different researchers and clinical experts to enhance our understanding of each unique tumor and develop a treatment plan to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. STTR will continue to build the infrastructure required to translate cutting-edge research into clinical care.

We are changing the culture of cancer care and taking healthcare communications and personalized medicine to the next level.

Dr Eric Holland explains obstacles brain cancer researcher face.

Dr. Eric Holland
STTR Brain Cancer Deputy Director

Dr. Holland is a neurosurgeon and brain cancer researcher. His research goal is to address the molecular basis of brain tumors and develop new treatment approaches. His research focuses on developing mouse models of brain cancer that mimic how the disease behaves in patients. He has vast experience in conducting clinical trials in glioma patients and developing imaging strategies to follow mouse brain tumors as they develop.

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