Bladder Cancer

Our bladder cancer program brings cutting-edge therapies and clinical trials to patients at UW Medicine – providing personalized treatment plans from staging through follow-up care.

Multidisciplinary teams of some of the world’s leading doctors work together to treat patients and develop innovative treatments including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy.

At UW Medicine (UWM), we lead one of the few multidisciplinary bladder cancer clinics in the nation. We have the expertise and experience to treat a variety of difficult to treat cancers, such as muscle invasive bladder cancer, which often involves radical treatment. Our team utilizes innovative treatments and renown surgeons at UWM in the use of robotic surgery in bladder removal surgery to provide patients with shorter recovery and better outcomes.

Dr. Andrew Hsieh
STTR Bladder Cancer Deputy Director

Dr. Hsieh is a genitourinary oncologist with a clinical interest in advanced prostate cancer and bladder cancer. He runs a laboratory which seeks to apply his bench side findings to clinically relevant themes such as castration resistant prostate cancer, and advanced bladder cancer. He is intrigued by the potential of therapeutically targeting the translation apparatus in cancer as well as utilizing the translational signature of cancer to predict disease behavior.

Learn more at the Hsieh Lab