Research Resources

Research Start Up

IRB Preparation

  • Cancer Consortium
    Fred Hutch: Consortium members submit new therapeutic oncology and cancer-related protocols to the Fred Hutch Institutional Review Board (IRB), which also serves as the Cancer Consortium IRB (CC-IRB).
  • UW Human Subjects
    UW Human Subjects : Review and approval by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or the Human Subjects Division (HSD) is required before starting research involving human subjects.

Grant Preparation

  • Office of Sponsored Research (accessible to Fred Hutch network only)
    The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center partners with programs to provide expertise, information and training to promote regulatory compliance while minimizing bureaucracy.
  • University of Washington
    The Researcher's Guide provides one-stop shopping for the UW grants process.
    Your grant submission can be strengthened with an ITHS Letter of Support describing relevant ITHS services and resources that are available to support your research. Instructions on how to request an ITHS Letter of support can be found at

Research Support

  • Shared Resources
    Fred Hutch Shared Resources are core facilities that provide services and access to specialized equipment for research activities.
  • REDCap
    ITHS Biomedical Informatics team supports REDCap, a web-based application for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) developed by a consortium of institutional partners, and is currently free to all researchers in the five-state WWAMI region. REDCap's main advantages are that it's very easy to get started and has extensive tutorials and online training materials. REDCap is one step up from Excel-- it is web based and has some simple value checking and skip logic, but it doesn't try to compete with any commercial EDC system on features. [Requires access.]
  • De-identified Clinical Data Repository (DCDR)
    A de-identified data repository that contains a subset of self-service data from various UW Medicine clinical systems. The DCDR is a cohort identification/feasibility determination tool. The interface to the DCDR is a secure web-based query tool (currently powered by i2b2) that allows researchers to individually query the data. The tool provides a graphical query interface that allows the definition of criteria and returns an aggregate count or a summary of the patients who meet the criteria. [Requires access.]  Contact:
  • WWAMI Region Practice and Research Network (WPRN)
    A practice based research network in the WWAMI states whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of patients in their communities, through the conduct of collaborative research that informs and enhances primary care clinical practice.
  • Regional Clinical Research Center (RC2) Network
    The Regional Clinical Research Center Network (RC2) is a collaboration of hospital- and community-based clinical research units located within the five-state WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho) region. The RC2 Network is associated with community-based health systems and clinics that provide care to individuals in urban and rural areas.