Medical Students

The University of Washington sponsors 96 ACGME-accredited residency and clinical fellowship programs, some with medical student opportunities. Radiation Oncology is highlighted below. Others can be found at Residency and Clinical Fellowship Programs.

Radiation Oncology

The department of radiation oncology welcomes rotating medical students. The goal of rotations is to introduce students to the role of radiation oncology in the management of patients with cancer. We expect rotating students to improve on their ability to take a focused history and physical examination, particularly with emphasis on the cancer-specific details. We hope that at the end of the rotation, students will have a better sense when radiation may play a role in the treatment of a patient, and when it may not. This requires not only understanding some nuances of radiation oncology, but also the disciplines of surgical and medical oncology, as well as our coordination of treatment with other services such as pain management, nutrition and rehabilitation.

Summer Students (enrolled at UW School of Medicine)

The Medical Student Research Training Program provides funded opportunities each year for students enrolled at the University of Washington School of Medicine to participate in a full-time, 10-week summer research project between their first and second years under the supervision of a faculty mentor. The stipend for Summer 2013 was $4500. Participating students present their work at the School's annual poster session, and submit a final paper in standard scientific format. Many students go on to submit their papers for publication. Projects may fall into one of the following categories: laboratory-based research, clinical and health services, or international health. Students may either a) seek out a mentor and project independently, or b) choose from a list of available projects posted by UW faculty in early November.

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