We Need Your Help

Oncoscape is an open source software project with one goal: To improve the treatment and life expectancy of cancer patients. Backed by Fred Hutch Cancer Center we enjoy the support of world renowned scientists and leading technology companies.  

No background in biology? No problem.

We are looking for individuals with experience in big data infrastructure, full stack development and UX designers. If you are interested in making a difference and meeting likeminded individuals please get in touch.


The bottleneck in cancer research used to be our ability to generate and collect data. With high-throughput technologies becoming more cost effective, integrating and interpreting data is now the most time consuming step. 

How to get involved.

Our Community

Oncoscape is developed at Fred Hutch in Seattle, a city known for its growing collaborative and innovative biotech industry. In cooperation with GitHub and Amazon, the Oncoscape team is looking to foster a broader community of people from around the world in order to produce a network of world-class tools and services. By capitalizing on the diverse expertise of people within the open source community, we hope to share and distribute the workload of eliminating silos that unnecessarily isolate data, analyses and organizations.

Together we can stay on the cutting edge of precision medicine, where transformative action leads to faster adoption of novel therapies and better patient care. Make your impact by joining us in a crowd coding campaign.