Dr. Eric Holland works with Paul Shannon, a software developer, to design a visualization showing how biological markers link with patient groups. Photo courtesy of GitHub

Cancer research takes a village. In order to deliver better treatment, we strive to build bridges between clinical and molecular data, biological and computational researchers, and scientists and the data.

A web-based data exploration and visualization portal

Oncoscape is designed to create a collaborative platform and community that unites the clinical, genetic, and computational fields in an effort to advance the understanding of cancer biology and improve patient care. We believe that computers can revolutionize cancer research, and we are making direct efforts to connect the entire pipeline in translational medicine, reduce duplicative efforts, and create a mechanism for sharing cross-disciplinary research and developments.

Our goal is to equip researchers with the necessary tools and resources to discover, develop and implement first class treatment strategies to revolutionize personalized patient care.

While researchers and clinicians now gather millions of bits of data per patient or per experiment, that data is often held in silos by different groups. It takes analysts using powerful computational skills to make sense of the data, and experts whose knowledge spans diverse fields to translate such findings into clinical action. Oncoscape is developed at Fred Hutch in Seattle, a city known for its growing collaborative and innovative biotech industry.

In partnership with Github and Amazon Web Services, the Fred Hutch based team has developed a web-based portal equipped with rich data, powerful statistics and a simple interface to empower doctors, researchers, and scientists in investigating hypotheses, discovering novel patterns and associations, and ultimately expediting the process of translational research and precision medicine. Together we can stay on the cutting edge of precision medicine, where transformative action leads to faster adoption of novel therapies and better patient care. 

Decoding Cancer: Join us in creating the next generation diagnostic platform

“The most exciting thing about software is that it opens up science to everyone,” said Dr. Holland, the director of Human Biology at Fred Hutch. “Programmers can help bring the vision of Oncoscape to life, ultimately helping doctors access data in a way that lets them make better clinical decisions. When you have a tool like Oncoscape, you begin to see things you never knew existed because you didn’t know how to look for them.”

Open source provides transparency and lays the foundation for reproducible research. With the assistance of the general coding community, we hope to deliver polished tools that are easier for clinicians to use and that can grow and adapt indefinitely with emerging technologies. See how your expertise can make an impact.

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