Lung Cancer

Our multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Program is the largest, most experienced program of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. Experts at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and UW Medicine have developed innovative ways to prevent, detect and treat lung cancer.

The highly experienced team is composed of laboratory and population scientists who work closely with clinicians and surgeons to provide the latest in diagnostic tools, targeted therapies and surgical techniques available.

lung cancer graphic


Forbes reports new study findings related to lung cancer & antioxidants

“The study does raise a red flag about taking large doses of antioxidant supplements to ward off cancer. And for people already in a high-risk category, such as smokers or those with a family history of cancer…. ditching the supplements may not be such a bad idea”

Petition for Medicare and Medicaid to Cover Lung Cancer Screening

STTR Lung Cancer expert Dr. David Madtes supports Medicare and Medicaid coverage for the screening of people at high-risk for Lung cancer following the USPSTF and NCCN guidelines. Show your support by signing the petition.